03 That’s My Weakness Now ukulele song

Danno sez:

How can you resist lyrics like these?

He’s got a “ha- cha-cha”
I never liked a “ha-cha-cha”
But he’s got a “ha-cha-cha”

What’s more- – What’s more- -
Oh! I know he knows what “ha-cha-cha” is for…


SONG: That’s My Weakness Now ukulele chords
YEAR: 1927
WRITTEN BY: Bud Green, Sam H. Stept
FAMOUS VERSION: Cliff Edwards???  Hard to find too much info on this song, catchy as it is.

More on Ukulele Ike:

Cliff Edwards made his “ukulele name” work for him, mostly by being insanely good. He’s famous for a lot of things not directly ukulele related:

  • he introduced the song “Singin’ in the Rain” on Broadway, years before the movie
  • he may be the first person to have “scatted” on record
  • and he later was the voice of Jiminy Cricket in Disney’s Pinocchio movie

I like his version of “That’s My Weakness Now” because he’s actually playing it on ukulele–that’s makes it sound potentially wimpy, but–well, just listen. (More Cliff Edwards at Amazon), 03 That's My Weakness Now ukulele

Quaint Customs

It doesn’t happen much these days, that the same song is released by multiple artists at the same time.

But back when, it was common practice. Whenever a song was popular, everybody jumped all over it and released their own versions. All three of versions of “That’s My Weakness Now” shown here are from 1928.

About the Sheet Music

This is a fun one to play. It’s another one in funky old-style tuning, A D F# B, and they instruct you to put a capo on the first fret, which would move all the notes another step higher.

If you did all that (re-tuning plus capo), the chord diagram that looks like a C (as we know it), would be an Eb! (The piano music is in the key of Eb, so the goal with the capo is to get you in the same key as the piano, without having to do a bunch of crazy fingering).

How to Simplify

The easiest thing to do, is just follow the chord diagrams, and don’t worry about the chord names. Then the one that looks like a C–you would just play a C chord. You’ll be playing and singing two steps below the way it’s written, but no one will know but you and your sore throat.

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  1. Karyn Williams

    I have been a member for three weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed the selections which you post, The fun facts also provide great information when introducing the songs. Thank you for providing this wonderful service!

  2. Danno

    Yea, Karyn! I really appreciate the kind words. And glad you’re liking the song choices. Let me know if you have any requests. Someone asked me for an obscure ditty “Hey Mister, Have You Seen Rosie’s Sister.” I didn’t even know I had it, but I did. It’s extremely catchy, rather saucy, and is available at week 18!

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